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Whether you are a new patient or have been with us for awhile, you may not completely understand what a Prosthodontist is. Prosthodontists are experts in the restoration and replacement of teeth dedicated to the highest standards of care. They make smiles look beautiful as well as functional; the way they should be. Prosthodontists receive an extra 2-3 years of specialized training in a graduate program accredited by the American Dental Association. This field of dentistry is one out of the nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association.

Curtis E. Jansen, D.D.S. is a specialist in crowns, bridges, esthetic dentistry, partial dentures, complete dentures, overdentures, dental implants, rebuilding worn-out dentitions, and restoring the proper bite relationship. He accepts new patients and referrals of difficult cosmetic, technical and functional problems for prosthodontic treatment. His office is located in beautiful Monterey Bay on the Central Coast of California. Nearby cities include Carmel, Pebble Beach, Big Sur, Carmel Valley, Pacific Grove, Salinas, Sand City, Seaside, Marina, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Gilroy and Morgan Hill.

Same Day Caps/Crowns - Same Day Tooth/Teeth with implants

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Not Just a "Cosmetic Dentist" - A Fully Trained and Staffed Prosthodontic Practice

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You need the care of a prosthodontist if:
• You are missing one or more teeth.
• You are interested in dental implants.
• You wear dentures or removable partial dentures.
• You want to improve the esthetics of your smile.

Our Practice Mission Statement: We are a specialty dental practice of dedicated professionals committed to excellence in patient care and communication. A dental practice where dentistry meets technology. A dental team that honors integrity, respect and communication to create an environment that generates efficiency in an enjoyable atmosphere. No effort is spared to assure that the patient treatment experience is comfortable, comforting and provided in a strictly sterile facility.

More Information about Dr. Curtis E. Jansen

Dr. Jansen graduated form the University of the Pacific in 1982 and The University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 1986. Upon graduation he accepted a teaching position at USC and was accepted into the Advanced Education in Prosthodontics graduate program. He received his certificate in Prosthodontics in 1988 from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry.

In 1988 he began his private practice in Beverly Hills, California, and continued teaching part time at USC. Dr. Jansen then accepted a full time teaching position at USC in the Department of Restorative Dentistry and was named Director of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Jansen oversaw both the surgical and restorative aspects of dental implant placement and restoration. During this time Dr. Jansen began to develop material to help both surgeons and restorative dentists with their patient treatment. Dr. Jansen began lecturing to groups of dental study clubs and local and state dental associations all over the country.

In 1992 Dr. Jansen moved to Florida to work with a dental implant manufacturer. He obtained his Florida dental license and practiced part time in West Palm Beach with a group of 3 surgeons. Here he concentrated on restorative complications. Working with the dental implant manufacturer, he helped develop and patent implant components used for many restorative implant procedures today. He also traveled extensively to dental schools here in the U.S. and around the world teaching treatment planning and how to restore dental implants.

In 1996 Dr. Jansen moved to Monterey and started his Prosthodontic practice. He soon started an on site dental laboratory. Currently Dr. Jansen practices 4 days a week and lectures 1 day a week. His lectures include speaking to dental specialty groups, dental associations, dental study clubs, year long mentor programs, live surgical/restorative programs, and dental auxiliary programs.

Dr. Jansen is married and has 3 crazy and wild boys. Dr. Jansen is a member of the American College of Prosthodontists, a fellow of the American College of Dentists, a member of the Academy of Osseointegration, the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and the Monterey Bay Dental Society.

Some common questions - things you may be interested in knowing:

Does your Practice really offer "same day" Crowns & Caps?
Yes, because we have a state of the art, on-premises Dental Lab, staffed with highly qualified and skilled technicians. Dr. Jansen's Office is able to provide the best quality crowns and caps, as well as same day tooth/teeth with implants.

Do you want to improve your smile?
The concepts and rules dictating the development of a pleasing smile were determined by prosthodontists almost a century ago in order to make dentures appear more natural. Prosthodontists learn these concepts by reviewing the literature in seminars and treating patients during their training programs. Although there are many references to "cosmetic dentists" in commercially published materials, the American Dental Association does not recognize "cosmetic dentists" as a specialty.

Is a prosthodontist different from a “cosmetic dentist”?
The American Dental Association recognizes nine dental specialties, and the ADA does not include “cosmetic dentistry” as a specialty. Prosthodontists receive extensive training and experience in dental esthetics and cosmetics during their graduate programs. Many cosmetic dentists receive training during seminars or a series of courses, but this training is usually limited to weekend or possibly weeklong courses.

Do you wear dentures?
Many people must resort to dentures to replace their natural teeth. Over time, the jawbone shrinks, and successfully wearing dentures becomes more and more of a challenge. Using skills and techniques based on research and experience, a prosthodontist possesses the ability to provide the best possible custom-fitted dentures. Your prosthodontist may recommend dental implants to stabilize the denture and prevent your jawbone from excessive shrinking.

Are you missing one or more teeth?
Many people are missing one or more teeth. Depending on the number of missing teeth, the condition of the remaining teeth and the patient’s age, motivation and desire, teeth may be replaced by implant-supported crowns/bridges, conventional fixed bridges or removable partial dentures - only a specialist knows for sure.

How can I replace a missing tooth?
For any patient missing a tooth, it is important to understand the options they have to replace the missing tooth or teeth. There are five choices a patient has to replace or not replace a missing tooth or teeth.

1. Do nothing at all. While not always a good option, at times patients do not want to replace a tooth. This may create problems in the future and should be discussed with a dentist or Prosthodontist. Problems in the future could be movement of adjacent teeth to the missing tooth or movement of the opposing tooth. This can make replacement in the future more difficult.
2. Orthodontics. An Orthodontist is a dental specialist who corrects irregularities of the teeth primarily through the use of braces and or a retainer. At times an orthodontist can be consulted and teeth can be moved to replace the missing tooth or teeth.
3. A removable partial denture or flipper, or muco adhesion or stay plate.
4. A bridge or fixed partial denture. See definition below or make the word link into the treatment procedure?
5. An implant and crown.

Are you interested in dental implants?
In the past two decades the use of dental implants has progressed from the extreme to the conservative. Initially the implants developed in Sweden by Dr. Bränemark years ago were used in patients missing all of their teeth. Now the same principles are applied to replacement of a single tooth, multiple teeth or an entire arch of teeth with the same high degree of success. A prosthodontist can recommend the type of treatment right for you depending on the condition of your mouth and your desires.

Will Dr. Jansen complete all of my required treatment?
The prosthodontist is best viewed as the "architect" of your dental project. He has the vision of your final outcome, both the esthetics of your smile and the improved function of your bite. Often other dental specialists may participate in your treatment to help establish a solid foundation for your restorations. Every prosthodontist develops a treatment plan customized for each individual patient and he will determine if adjunctive procedures by another doctor are necessary. Dr. Jansen does not perform surgery and works closely with surgeons providing interdisciplinary care.

Do you clean teeth?
Yes. Our team includes highly-trained, specialty hygienists who not only clean teeth but also educate and motivate patients. If you are overdue for routine teeth cleaning or hygiene contact our office to schedule and appointment.

Not Just a "Cosmetic Dentist" - A Fully trained and Staffed Prosthodontic Practice