Our "in house" dental laboratory allows Dr. Jansen to work closely with highly skilled dental technicians and ceramists. This provides the utmost in precision dentistry and personal esthetic dental services. The presence of an on premises laboratory drives everyone to a different level of excellence. Our lab team and staff deliver customized prosthetic solutions which define the cutting-edge in technology, esthetics and functional results. The world-class talents of our team ensure we are able to deliver the most beautiful and functional results attainable with manmade materials.

A dental laboratory technician is a vital component of your oral healthcare team. In most instances the laboratory technician is the unseen player in the successful restoration of your mouth. All restorative dentistry hinges on the skill and knowledge of this key team member. If you are having a restoration on an implant or a tooth, receiving crowns (caps), bridges, inlays, onlays, partial or complete dentures (plates), night guards or orthodontics appliances, you have been helped by this valuable individual who is dedicated to restoring the beauty and function of your mouth.

Hallway to the LabDr. Jansen's On-Premises Lab
Our on premises lab allows for Same Day Crowns/Caps & Tooth/Teeth Implants

Consultation using E4D Design Center Lab Tech Irma using E4D Design Center
Screenshot E4D Design Center Technician Frank at work
Lab Tech Irma at work Lab Tech Irma checking the E4D mill

Dr. Jansen in the on premesis lab Dr. Jansen at work in the on-premises lab

Dr. Jansen conferring with Technician Frank Lab Tech Irma at work

Frank at work in the on premesis lab